Quote of the Week

It appears that I have blogging turrets.

I eat a mainly paleo diet, however Sunday is cinnamon roll day. I like to eat 4 cinnamon rolls (oh yeah!) with a coffee for breakfast. Devastatingly, at the local shop there were NO CINNAMON ROLLS!  I couldn’t decide what to binge on (Sunday is my food ‘fun-day’ get it? Sun-day Fun-day [I am very lonely]) – my options were Green & Blacks 85% dark organic chocolate (yum yum) or pancakes. I was confused, how shall I feed my fat cells today? Was it going to be the not so bad chocolate, or the death that is gluten?

What was it to be?


I don’t know why but I remembered this quote:

When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I’ve never tried before.

– Mae West

As I like to make chocolate (G&B 85%) covered nuts as a mid week treat, I opted for the pancakes, and they were F***ing lovely!


Finding those all important PDF Papers

Good advice for anyone struggling to find journal articles for free!


As students, some may say we are the world’s best procrastinators (since I set up this blog that has become very true) here is something you can check out to turn that wasted – into well spent time.

Check out Robb Wolf’s paleo podcast: http://robbwolf.com/category//podcasts

Eat meat, veg and all things nature intended, (apart from cinnamon rolls or cinibon – these were worshiped by paleolithic man on the Sabbath FACT) and reep the benefits.

You never know, you may end up as ripped as this guy.

The first blog……..

Well what’s it all about then eh?

Every man and his dog has a blog.

I enjoy taking time out to read what can often be great advice from experts that you would normally have to pay good money for, completely free, all on a blog!!!!

I have decide to ‘jump on’ the blogging band wagon (I am not, and am not saying I’m an expert in anything, well, at making a badass meat curry in under 10 mins – maybe). I intend to write about any interesting subjects or occurrences that may happen in the life of an Angry Undergrad. Hopefully, people may take the time to read, challenge and more importantly comment on my views and contribute to discussions – a sort of Undergrad forum if you will.

I will try to think of something creative/controversial/interesting to write as my first proper blog, but until then here is a picture of a massive bodybuilder – Kai Green.

Until next time……..