Quote of the Week

It appears that I have blogging turrets.

I eat a mainly paleo diet, however Sunday is cinnamon roll day. I like to eat 4 cinnamon rolls (oh yeah!) with a coffee for breakfast. Devastatingly, at the local shop there were NO CINNAMON ROLLS!  I couldn’t decide what to binge on (Sunday is my food ‘fun-day’ get it? Sun-day Fun-day [I am very lonely]) – my options were Green & Blacks 85% dark organic chocolate (yum yum) or pancakes. I was confused, how shall I feed my fat cells today? Was it going to be the not so bad chocolate, or the death that is gluten?

What was it to be?


I don’t know why but I remembered this quote:

When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I’ve never tried before.

– Mae West

As I like to make chocolate (G&B 85%) covered nuts as a mid week treat, I opted for the pancakes, and they were F***ing lovely!