Realising A Dream……..

In sport science we talk a lot about goal setting, the importance of this process in structuring our development be it physiologically through periodization, psychologically through mental skills training or in daily life through a ‘to do list’.

A key concept is realistic goals, (e.g. SMART/SMARTER) this I believe, is wrong, maybe not in the short term as achieving goals promotes efficacy, in turn augmenting subsequent efforts in goal achievement. However the master goal should be farfetched, almost ridiculous to realise.  After all anything great that has happened in this world (space travel, genetic engineering) was most likely dismissed at one point for being unrealistic or unachievable.

I believe this makes the process more interesting and enjoyable and increases the drive to succeed.

Check this out for goal setting, from the all time kung-fu master Bruce Lee.



7 Responses to Realising A Dream……..

  1. Daniel says:

    Ok then J, so let’s devise a new acronym for defining a goal setting concept that is ground upon a”farfected, almost ridiculous to realise” basis. Go…

  2. Ha, Love it. Spotted that on Tim’s facebook!!!

  3. Daniel says:

    A − − − − − − −> Ambitious
    S − − − − − − −> Specific
    P − − − − − − −> Pursued
    I − − − − − − −> Indulgent
    R − − − − − − −> Radical
    E − − − − − − −> Extravagant

    Perhaps a bit synonymous and less structured than our SMARTER sister but it’s a start!

  4. Daniel says:

    I’m not sure, intelligent is bit lack lustre for me, we’re trying to be “ridiculous” here…perhaps self-indulgence would be more fitting to describe the selfish nature our goals must be in this context, freedom from restraint…actually, the ‘S’ could simply be changed to SELFISH and the ‘I’ could represent the INTRINSIC essence or framework these far-fetched goals pertain to?

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